Alex Lopez has a long story at Worship Generation which goes back to his years as a teenager while attending Fountain Valley High School. It was during Alex’s senior year of High School (2004) that he sensed God’s tug on his heart to seek after and be available for a Pastoral Calling in Ministry. Alex attended Calvary Chapel Bible College, and began to get involved with ministry. He started serving during the final year of Worship Generation while it was at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back in 2005.When Worship Generation became its own church, Alex, who was there from the beginning, began serving in whatever capacity God would open up for him. He has never looked back, and has continued going forward at WG.

In 2007, Alex married his wife Kaleigh. From the time they were married, they served the Lord together, primarily in but not limited to, the youth ministries at Worship Generation. In June of 2009 they were asked to oversee the 4th-5th Grade Ministry, during the same time Alex was also overseeing the Men’s Ministry. It was during this same eventful year that Alex stepped up into the role of serving as a Pastor.

By December 2010, God opened the door for Alex and Kaleigh to become the overseers of WG’s Junior High Ministry. It was a natural fit, with supernatural equipping as Alex and Kaleigh once again led and ministered to many of the kids they led previously in the 4th & 5th Grade ministry. In July of 2011 Alex & Kaleigh stepped into the position of overseeing the Worship Generation Youth Ministries including becoming Pastor of the High School Group.  In June of 2015, Alex completed his time with the WG Youth and served the adult congregation in the sanctuary.  He also has been involved in the ongoing ministries in Chile, having made two trips to Chile in 2015 with Pastor Joey.  In July of 2017, Alex once again began overseeing the Worship Generation Youth Ministry again and loves the opportunity to teach and minister to the youth of Worship Generation.  Going forward in 2018, Alex will continue to serve the youth in the first half of the year and seal that fruit in June with the anticipation of moving to Chile later in the year to serve with the Calvary Chapel Ministries based out of Santiago.  WG is very excited for the next chapter in the Lopez family and we look forward to seeing what wonderful doors God will open up for them all.